TCS Japan K.K.

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TCS Japan is an expert of high speed transmission connector and custom backplane assembly which established on 1999, a spin-off company from Teradyne Connection Systems. On 2009, we have become a member of Amphenol groups which is one of the largest manufacturers of interconnect products in the world. With the Amphenol's worldwide network and extensive product lines, and our innovative support of interconnection, TCS Japan provides and enables your company to fulfill your high-technology needs.

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Company TCS Japan K.K.

2008-7, Endo,Fujisawa,Kanagawa 252-0816 Japan
Phone: +81-466-86-5509
Fax: +81-466-88-2151

Capital JPY90,000,000
Established March 16th, 1999

Stephen B Dorrough, Representative Director
William J. Doherty
Craig A. Lampo

Statutory Auditor Michael R. Ivas
ISO ISO9001ISO14001

Corporate History

1968 Established TCS (Teradyne Connection Systems) division in Teradyne U.S.A.
1985 Established TCS division in Teradyne K.K.
1987 Established Manufacturing sector in TCS division of Teradyne K.K.
March 1999 Established TCS Japan K.K., spin out from Teradyne K.K
April 2001 Established East Asia Connector Services, Ltd. in Shanghai, China (PRC)
February 2009 Joined a member of Amphenol groups